Loppet Adventures

Connecting Youth, Adults, Seniors, Community & Families to the outdoors, through programming at schools, parks & Loppet Trailhead

Starting Fall 2023 – Click here for more details!

🤸🏾‍♀️ Belonging

Being part of team cultivates shared identity among a community of allies, mentors, and friends.

🌲 Experience

Immersion in community and nature through meaningful place-based experiential education nurtures creativity, resilience, and life-skills. It’s also a lot of fun!

🌻 Healing

Connections grounded in community, nature, and place are the foundation from which we work together towards mental and physical wellbeing, and individual and collective healing.

🚲 Empowerment

Practicing and realizing new skills in the midst of community fuels self-esteem, the motivation to reach towards goals, and the passion to work for positive change.

Past: Sports Focused

Present: Adding Nature, Environment, Healing and Youth Development

Future: More intergenerational, family, and community focus with even more things outdoors!

Click here to view and sign up for upcoming volunteer opportunities with the Adventures Youth programming.

Contact us at adventures@loppet.org

Adventures Team

DeAnna – Adventures Director

Tomás Orellana- Adventures Program Manager

Joseph Ciesielczyk – Adventures Coordinator