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The Re-Loppet Tour – February 18, 2019

The Twin Cities’ Best Skiing of the Season

The snow and the mercury have both fallen, and the Loppet Foundation crews have been relentlessly grooming the ski trails of the Minneapolis Parks and Chain of Lakes.

Simply put, skiing in Minneapolis is potentially at its best for the season, so join us to celebrate to moment.

The Re-Loppet is a classic or skate event in which participants revisit the best courses of the Loppet Festival. Participants either start at Cedar Lake or the Theodore Wirth Trailhead.

Those who begin on Cedar Lake choose their own point-to-point route as they make their way north toward the Theodore Wirth Park Trailhead. Those that begin at The Trailhead ski Wirth’s trails that have only been opened after our recent precipitation. Either way participants are treated to a red beans and rice brunch and endless cajun hot chocolate when they reach the Trailhead.

A shuttle will deliver bring point to point skiers back to their start area.


This information will be updated as the Re-Loppet draws near. Stay tuned for the most up to date information.

The Gist

The Re-Loppet is an opportunity for skiers to enjoy the Minneapolis’ best ski trails in their best condition, either skiing from Cedar Lake to the Theodore Wirth Park Trailhead or skiing natural snow loops at Theo Wirth park that are condition dependent. Either way, skiers will be greeted at the Trailhead with Cajun brunch and hot chocolate, and point-to-point skiers will be shuttled back to Cedar Lake.


There is no official start time or location for the Re-Loppet; skiers start when and where they would like to. That said, a group of Loppet staff and coaches will be meeting at 9am on Cedar Lake near the West Cedar Lake Turnaround to ski north to The Trailhead, so join then and there if you’d like to start your day with a crew.


The Loppet Volunteer and Staff Groomers are working hard to make the best of our snow. Nearly all Chain of Lakes and Wirth trails are open so skiers should get out there and explore.

Parking + Shuttle

Skiers who start and end at Wirth may park in any available parking space at The Trailhead or the Chalet.

Skiers who start at Cedar Lake and ski north to the Trailhead should follow general parking laws, parking in the Minneapolis Parks lots on Cedar Lake or on-street nearby.

The Re-Loppet Shuttle will bring skiers from the Trailhead to the West Cedar Lake Turnaround from 11am-1pm. To assure quick service this will be the only drop off location, so park with that in mind.

The Kenilworth Channel

As of February 11 the Kenilworth Channel had areas that the Loppet Grooming Crews were unable to groom. Skiers should be particularly cautious if they decide to pass through that channel, and know that it may or may not be groomed.

Trail Passes

Be sure to display your Minneapolis Parks XC Ski Trails Pass while on the trail.


Register Now!

Registration and transaction fees are nonrefundable, including in the event of cancellation. Registration is not transferable to another person or another event for any reason, including injury.

A Note About the Data We Collect

Proceeds from the Re-Loppet benefit the Loppet Foundation. Learn more about the Foundation's mission, vision, and values.